Why choose GreenBox™ Data Centers?


Leading sustainable

GreenBox™ Data center is located in southwestern Norway, where small and large technology companies for decades have developed new technology for the oil and gas sector. This competence now comes to new use through new technology in the renewable industry.

The use of innovative technology and renewable energy sources, where small-scale wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are an integrated part of the design, combined with the reuse of surplus heat, makes GreenBox™ Data center one of the market's most sustainable data center solutions.

Drone panoramic photo of the car driving through picturesque road above the huge waterfall near the fjord in South Norway

Energy efficient

With innovative wind technology and production of solar power, the GreenBox™ data center plans to supply from on- site power production. Where possible, we create renewable energy sources on premises, such as small-scale wind turbines or photovoltaic systems, depending on the natural conditions on the specific location.

By connecting the data center to local production companies, which can use the surplus heat from the data center in their production, we reduce the impact on nature, and we also reuse the energy. This is an important goal for GreenBox™, which will always seek symbiosis partners to achieve sustainable, circular solutions for our locations.


Secure access to data and applications in all aspects is essential. In Norway, data centers are categorized as critical infrastructure, and the National Security Authority works to ensure national, robust data centers. Their recommendation is that Norwegian companies use data centers in their own country. This is stated in the "Theme report on Norwegian data centers and digital autonomy" published February 2022.

The access to renewable energy, a stable, political framework and a pronounced willingness to develop robust data centers, make Norway a safe choice for data storage.

GreenBox™ Data center ensures operational requirements according to customers' needs.

Climate reporting

At GreenBox™ Data center, we base our climate reporting on new, digital infrastructure and a well-thought-out plan for measuring energy, to ensure transparency.

We use the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) as the basis for our emission calculations. Based on the "Avoided emissions" framework, avoided emissions will also be made visible, resulting from reduction in other energy purchases in the production process of our symbiosis partners reusing the surplus heat.

Our customers can also decide to use the GreenBox™ reporting solution for other purposes in the business.