Server Rack/ Server Cabinet

A server rack (also known as a server stand or server cabinet) is a computer cabinet, specifically designed to organize servers and network equipment.

Server racks/server cabinets are very important components in the infrastructure of a data center, as they make it possible to handle large amounts of servers and computer equipment in a space-efficient manner.

A server rack comes in different sizes and is often equipped with security locks, to maintain a secure and reliable IT infrastructure.

What does the size of a Server Rack/Server Cabinet mean?

The size of a server rack/cabinet is indicated in the unit of measurement (U), which refers to the height of the equipment that can be placed in the rack. One U is equal to 4.45 cm in height. In addition to the height, the dimensions of a server rack can also vary in width and depth.

The size of a server rack/cabinet is important as it determines how much equipment can be installed in it, and how much space is required in the server room or in the data center. The most common height is 42U. GreenBox Data Center has 48U as standard.