Data Center Uptime

Data center uptime refers to the time a data center is operational and available to users. This means that the system works as it should, and that users get access to data, applications and services without any problems.

Uptime is an important factor for Data Centres, especially as even small periods of downtime can have serious consequences in the form of lost data and financial loss for affected companies and organisations.

Therefore, data centers are equipped with redundancy and backup solutions, to minimize the risk of downtime.

Calculation of Data Center Uptime

Uptime is usually measured as the percentage of the total time that the system is successfully operating.

For example:
If a data center is in operation 99.99% of the time during a year, it means that it has an uptime of 99.99%. An uptime of 99.99% may seem high, but it still means more than four hours of downtime per year.

Uptime is therefore an important factor you must consider when choosing a data center supplier.

What does Uptime guarantee mean?

The uptime guarantee determines the amount of time the services will be available to you as a customer. In other words, it means that the service provider (the data center) is obliged to ensure that the services function as expected during this period.

For example, an uptime guarantee of 99.9% may mean that the service will not be unavailable for more than 43 minutes per month.